Benefits of Membership

There are numerous benefits of joining AIRS and NYS AIRS:

  1. Networking opportunities with I&R colleagues throughout New York State and nationwide through AIRS,
  2. The AIRS Networker and NYS AIRS Online Community, professional networking applications that allow members to work together in all manner of online communities and collaborations,
  3. Training available throughout the year with AIRS online courses and webinars,
  4. Access to the important AIRS Standards, which define every aspect of I&R including resource databases, reports, and organizational effectiveness.  It is the foundation of quality I&R in every sector and at every level. AIRS Standards is available free at,
  5. The I&R Toolkit  featuring  best practices from  AIRS Accredited  agencies and provides access  to field-tested tools, knowledge, and resources  to enhance  your organization's ability  to achieve AIRS Standards available online,
  6. The AIRS Taxonomy, a hierarchical classification system of more than 9,000 fully defined  terms used for indexing human resource databases that allows resource information to be  categorized in a systematic, unambiguous manner  using language  that  is consistent from community to community (subscription),
  7. The ABCS of I&R, a 600 page complete training resource  for new I&R Specialists and Resource     Specialists that serves as a reference tool and refresher  for experienced staff.  These resources are especially helpful when preparing for AIRS Certification testing,
  8. The Annual AIRS Conference, held in a different city each year and featuring over 85 workshops,
  9. The Annual NYS AIRS Conference, held conveniently within New York State at a low cost, offers presentations, workshops and the opportunity to network with New York colleagues.