Information & Referral

The work of "information and referral" or "information and assistance" is common within health and human service organizations. 

Information is often contained in sophisticated, well-managed database of agencies, programs, services, and all the additional details about them, such as locations, eligibility, application process, contact information, geographic coverage area, and much more.

Either by phone, via a website (or chat), text messaging, or in person, Referrals or Assistance is given to those who are seeking help. Unlike other directory assistance services, generally a real person answers the phone, chat, or text message. Translation services are available for some 200 languages/dialects.

2-1-1 provides "comprehensive" information and referral for people from all walks of life and all ages - just dial 2-1-1! Visit the national 2-1-1 website to find a 2-1-1 anywhere in New York State or across the country.

New York Connects provides specialized "information and assistance" to seniors and those with long-term disabilities. Crisis or blended programs provide mental health counseling and suicide prevention counseling. Other specialized I&R providers focus on resources for families, child care, or veterans, among others.

Contact a NYS AIRS board member or member agency in your neighborhood for more information.